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Weallknowthat in order to rank high in the search engines, we need backlinks(refers to links from other sites pointing back to your own sites).

AndLOTS ofthem...

Throughouttheyears, submitting to freedirectories has been oneof the easiest ways to generate a ton of one-way inboundlinks to our sites. BUT it can be a verydaunting task if done manually.

Soifyou'relooking for a solution to solve this HUGE problem that most marketersface, you're in for a realtreat!


InstantDirectory Profits

Here'sa preview of how the software looks like:


Here'show it works... Just follow these 3 easy steps!

: Create a new projectforeach website & enter your information

: Selecta directory you wish to submit& let it load in the browser

: Repeat steps 1-2 forallthedirectories!


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Withaconstantly growing list of 1500website directories,you'll easily increaseyour SE rankings within days!
Automaticallyrotate multiple titles,descriptions and keywords to makesure your links seem natural and be able to rankformultiple keywords. 
Loadsup to 10 browsers at the sametime to speed upyour submission process. (and saves youmuch valuable time!)
Savesyourprevious work and records thesites that you havesubmitted to keep your work tidy foreasy references.
Sortlist according to Pagerank,Alexa rankings, alphabeticalorder, etc., based on your ownpreferences andmarketing strategies.
Add,edit and delete anything inthe directory list. (Soyou can putyourself in total control ofwhich sites you want your link to appear in!)
Unlimiteduser and site profiles. Whyrestrict the submission to onlyone of your site? Submitas many as you wishwith no further cost - all FREE of charge!
Easy& user friendly. UsingIDP is quick and very easy.You'll have your sites submitted in no time with just a few clicks ofthe mouse!
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Now we certainly do not intend to charge you $147. Yes, the returns itcan bring for you by using Instant Directory Profits could quite easilypay for your investment in just a few days time.

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Pocket Tool #1 -Keyword Warrior

Keywordresearch is the mostvital aspect of any website you plan to create. Target the rightkeywords, and you'll making autopilot income for years to come. Getthem wrong, and you're doomed right from the start!

   Keywordresearch toolscan cost you up to $297 and yet they give you nothing but the same oldjunk keywords everyone else already knows about. Forget those unlessyou consider wasting money a form of "mental therapy"..

  Our"Keyword Warrior" tool does thesame thing as 90% of keyword research software out there, plus more!

WhatThis Amazing SoftwareDoes:

Analyzethe demand and supply of any nichemarket and saves you time required for the necessary research.
Uncover hiddenniche marketswith a push of a button.
Extractthe no. of daily searchesfor any keyword in the search engines.
Display numberof competing pagesfor any keyword in Google, Yahoo & MSN search engines.
Churnsout a huge list of profitablekeywords you can use for ALL your internet marketing efforts
Exportyour results to an excelsheet for deeper analysis.


Pocket Tool #2 - BlogWarrior

   Thesecond tool you're going toget today is something every blogger needs!

   Ifyou have an type of blog,then you probably know by now that leaving comments (and your link) onother blogs is a sure-fire way of getting tons of traffic.

  Theproblem is trying to figure outexactly which blogs are worth your time. Generally speaking, only 20%of the blogs youregularly comment oncontribute to more than 80% of yourtraffic..

WhatThis Amazing SoftwareDoes:

check IdentifiesWordpress blogs withthe 'nofollow' tagin the comments field in ANY nicheyou choose
check Savesyou timeand effort from searching for blogs manually to leave comments on andbuilding backlinks
check Showsyou the Page Rankof each of the individual blog posts itself and home page of the blogs
check Displaysthe Alexaranking of each blog (soyou know what's the amount of trafficthe blog receives)
check Tellsyou if you haveleft a comment previouslyon the blog so you can track yourlink building efforts with much ease.
check Allowsyou to saveyour findings and resultsfor more effective tracking/analysis in the future.


Pocket Tool #3 -Affiliate Warrior

   Stopflaunting your "newbie"status if you're trying to make money from promoting affiliate products- cover up your affiliate links!

   AffiliateWarrior is a greattool you can use to create "cloaked"pagesthat hide the actual URL of the website, which loading and embeddingyour affiliate cookie in the background!

WhatThis Amazing SoftwareDoes:

check Protectyour affiliate linksand keep your hard earned commissions frombeing stolenfrom the nasty affiliate thieves
check Redirectyour cloakedlinks to any site of yourchoice so that others won't evennotice it's an affiliate link - and you’ll still be creditedforyour commissions!
check Bypassmerchants’squeeze pages and send yourprospects directly to their salespages or even your order page, which eliminates a step and increasesyour chances of making a sale
check Havethe luxury of linking toeven your own sale pages that you've created or other marketingmaterials in the event that your merchants' sales pages are of inferiorquality
check Youcan create either a simplecloak or an advanced cloak- skyrocket your affiliatecommissions and elevate yourself to super affiliates status!

Manthis is a great tool! I've always beentrying to create professional "cloaked" affiliate links and almostevery other software out there costs an arm and leg.

WithAffiliate Warrior I can do exactly whatall the other top affiliates are doing, and I've already seen mycommissions double in the past week!

Banglore, India

Freakingawesome - that's all I can say.

I likethe fact that this is so simple touse, even a noob like me can make it work :)

"Mr Weight Loss"


PocketTool #4 - Forum Warrior

   Okmaybe you're not that intoforum marketing - but that's probably because doing it without a propertool will drive you nuts.

   Forum Warrioris aneat tool that helps you save time and keep organized while switchingbetween forums and building a huge amount of traffic to your website.

WhatThis Amazing SoftwareDoes:

check Storesall your forumslogin details so you'llNEVER have to dig your brains andstruggle to remember all of them
check Allowsyou to store presetforum postings and allowsyou to paste them easily onto eachindividual forum with just a few clicks of the mouse
check Savesa list of forumsthat are related to your niche so you can visit these forums with muchconvenience.
check Enablesyou to customizeforum posts and helps youto organize them easily
check Speedsup your forum postingand saves you a great deal of time. (Hence, you get acknowledged as anexpert in your niche MUCH faster!)

I wouldhave been severely frustrated withforum marketing if not for this awesome tool you call "Forum Warrior".

I lovethe fact that it's an all-in-oneforum "organizer" and posting system. Great work!

with love from UK


Pocket Tool #5 -Directory Warrior

(Thisis an additional Tool to Newinstantdirectoryprofits)

   DidI hear you say "I need morelinks"?

   Directorysubmissions has alwaysbeen, and will always be, a legitimate and low-cost method of gettingvaluable"one-way"links to your website.

   Themore you get, the moreGoogle will love you and reward you with top 10 rankings.

   However,just like forummarketing, submitting your website to tons of web directories can put adamper on your hope of making fast money online.

   WithDirectory Warrior however,you can easily manage your submissions to morethan 200free (or paid) directories!

WhatThis Amazing SoftwareDoes:

Containsover 200 directoriesthat you can submit your sites to.
check Thedirectory list isupdated monthly (so all thedead links will be removed!)
check Automatically rotatemultiple titles, descriptions and keywordsto make sure yourlinks seem natural and be able to rank for multiple keywords.
check Loadsup to 10browsers at the same timeto speed up your submission process.
check Savesyour previous work and recordsthe sites that you havesubmitted to - you'll never lose trackof your campaigns!
check Add,edit and delete anythingin the directory list.
check Unlimiteduser and siteprofiles perfect for anyone trying to build a niche empire online..
check Sortlist according toPagerank, Alexa rankings,alphabetical order, etc - save timeby submitting only to directories worth your time..

Pocket Tool #6 - ForumSubmitter Pro

ASimple Point and Click Piece Of Software That Can HelpIncrease Your Sales, Trafficand Backlinks That The SearchEnginesAbsolutely Love! (Personaluse only)

ForumSubmitter Pro has beendesigned to make posting to forumsas easy aspossible, not only will Forum Submitter Pro saveyou a ton of time, butit gives you the option of 'Getting' your name out there,becausewithout visibility your website or business may as wellbe dead!         

Butthat isnot the only cool part about forum posting.....

AsI am sure you are aware, links pointing to your website is an absolutemust, and having links pointingto your sites from a wellknown forumthat the search engines love, can only mean one thing, highersearch engine rankings!

Justthink about it, forums are forever beingupdated,new content being added each and every day, the search engines reallydo love this, and because these forums are spidered on such a regularbasis, so will your sites! 


WebTraffic Secrets Videos

A Collection of 16Professionally Recorded Videos

Video1 - What Is Web 2.0?
6m 13s

  • Learnwhat Web 2.0 traffictechniques are
  • Andunderstand how they are goodfor your business and can massively boost your traffic almost instantly

Video2 - Succeeding With Web 2.0
10m 49s

  • Learnexactly what you need to doto make Web 2.0 traffic techniques work for you
  • Knowwhat people who use Web 2.0sites are looking for and how you can give it to them
Video3 - Social Networking Overview
7m 00s
  • Learnwhat social networking is allabout
  • Andhow you can use it to boostyour traffic and make money
Video4 - Social Bookmarking Overview
6m 02s
  • Learnwhat social bookmarking is
  • Andhow to harness its power toshoot up the search engines
Video5 - Web 2.0 Traffic Site 1
17m 47s
  • Discoverthe power of this Web 2.0site and how you can use it to generate traffic and boost your searchengine rankings
Video6 - Web 2.0 Traffic Site 1 - Part 2
24m 21s
  • Beguided step by step throughusing this powerful site
  • Learnthe secrets of this site andhow you can make it really work for you
Video7 - Web 2.0 Traffic Site 2
10m 52s
  • Astep by step walkthrough ofanother powerful site for generating traffic and making your customerslove you
Video8 - Web 2.0 Traffic Site 3
13m 37s
  • Discoverhow you can benefit from asite withhundreds ofmillions ofpageview every single day
  • Learnexactly how this site canmassive improve your earnings in some surprising ways!

Video9 - Web 2.0 Traffic Site 4

  • Beguided step by step through apowerful site for boosting your search engine rankings

Video10 - Web 2.0 Traffic Site 5
8m 10s

  • Seehow you can quickly getbacklinks to your website with a click of a button
  • Andpotentially generate tens orhundreds of visitors at a time
Video11 - Web 2.0 Traffic Site 6
9m 46s
  • Beguided by the hand through howto use a site that can potentially send you thousands of visitors in aday!
Video12 - Web 2.0 Traffic Site 7
8m 15s
  • Learnhow to use a Web 2.0 sitethat can send you thousands of visitors in a single day just from aclick of a button!
Video13 - Web 2.0 Traffic Site 7
10m 44s
  • Astep by step walkthrough of apowerful, under used social networking site than canreally helpyour search engine rankings
Video14 - Web 2.0 Traffic Site 8
5m 27s
  • Discovera site much loved byGoogle that can help push your websites higher up the search engines
Video15 - Web 2.0 Traffic Site 9
13m 17s
  • Anothersimple to use site thatGoogle loves and can dramatically increase your search engine rankingsand traffic
Video16 - Web 2.0 Traffic Site 10
8m 58s
  • Bewalked through another socialnetworking site with hundreds of millions of potential customerswaiting to hear from you

Web2.0 traffic techniques are some of the best ways for you to gettraffic. This step by step video program runs for almost three hours.It will show you everything you need to know about generating traffic,which in turn will generate profit.

This SUPERBONUS alone is worth more than$27 !  But...   

We arefullyconfident that 'InstantDirectory Profits' willhelp youso much in building your sites link popularity much faster than everthat we'll take all the risks on our shoulders...


"IronClad 100%Money Back Guarantee!"

If for anyreasonyou truly believe that Instant Directory Profits software wouldn't helpyou in speeding your submission process and improving your sitesrankings, ask for a refund within the next 60 days.

No question asked and no hard feelings. We'll refund you the FULL priceof what you paid for. 

It's that simple!

Recommendit for anyonewhowants to increase traffic to their site by increasing the amount ofquality back-links!


Wow! What a cool program.I’ve been reading about how quality backlinks are key togreatsearch engine positioning, then this super easy to use program, InstantDirectory Profits, comes along.

You’ve made the backlink process anddirectory listing so simple.You’ve got a ton of web directories included in the softwareso Idon’t have to go searching for all of them. Last night Ifired itup and started posting my website to severaldifferent directory listings. 

After usingthe software forabout 5 minutes I was able to get a good process going and create anice group of links to my site. You can easily place your link to therelevant area of the directory for best results. I’m going todothis with all my sites. 

Here’sa tip for anyonewho gets this software. The free sites would like you to provide aback-link to their site. As you go through the list make a web pagethat includes all the reciprocal back-links. When you add your othersites to the free directories, just post the same back-link pageinformation to each website. 

Anotherthing that is very useful about the software is that you can edit fields and put in notes about a particular site.I’ve added some pricing information on the sites thataren’t free, so when I load links to my other websites I knowexactly which ones I want to target.

This is auseful program. I recommend it for anyone who wants to increase traffic to their site by increasing the amount of qualityback-links.

Thanks guys!Keep making useful programs. 

Lana Hawkins


Bighelp for online marketers to get higher search engine rankings and morevisitors!


To tellyou frankly, I was so surprised when I saw the incredible featuresand the very insane low price of your software...Ihavepurchased a similar software before which I use in submitting mywebsites in the directories - 3X of your price. 

But now,I use nothing butyour software for my submissions because it has more advanced featureswhich makes my job even more easier.

It is reallya very good thing you guys came up with this very nice piece of productand be able to sell it away at a very low price. It will surely be avery big help for online marketers like mewho regularly submit websites to the directories to get higher search engine rankings and more visitors.

Eusebio Rosaros Jr.


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This is a reallycool program. So easy to use, and a real time saver. I am excitedabout the potential that this has to increase my income.

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